We Can Be Found

August 28, 2008

CIT Sphere. You’ve known it. Perhaps, searched it or accidentaly found a page concerning it. To give you more ways to know and connect to the growing sphere of BS Math CIT gradutes, we listed here the websites and email. So, get ready for multitasking – your copy-paste ability or your writing-down habit. 😉

That’s all folks! Send e-mail, browse the websites, and blah blah. You can even adjoin another website if you have something to adjoin (hehe, siyempre 🙂 )


CIT Sphere and Beyond

August 19, 2008

CIT Sphere was formed during our college years – class 2002-2006. We began with a few members – our whole class actually, together with some of the Pure Math colleagues.

Through the years, we’re still here. We’re still here beyond time, beyond the distance that separates us, beyond our differences because we are one. This is possible because of the CIT Sphere. This serves as our meeting place, our bulletin, and our calendar of important events. In short, this serves as the major source of communication, this serves as the point of contact.

We’re still the same individuals. We still share opinions. We still have each other in case we need someone.

CIT Sphere serves its purpose very well to maintain the camaraderie among the members.

Games Stuff

July 11, 2008

It is not too late to indulge yourself in gaming. During college, we learned a game intended for children, but it is for adult also. Gaming was one of the appealing ideas that entered our mind during our thesis-making. We flexed our arms and thumbs and broke the ice with these games. We clicked and typed to whip up the challenges we encounter in those games… then go back to thesis work.

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Enjoy Math

July 11, 2008

We wanted to share a song with lyrics by Ma’am Lydia M. Soriano. The graduate of Pangasinan National High School who became PSU graduates would like to pay this tribute. This was published in Math Zone Newsletter (June-December 1999 Issue)

This song’s tune is Sha-La-La’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello po. Gusto namin kayong imbitahan na sumali sa grupo namin. Kung kayo ay BS Mathematics CIT graduate, at gustong sumali i-email lang po ang mga sumusunod na impormasyon:

  1. Fullname (nickname in “quotes”)
  2. Picture (preferably graduation picture)
  3. Year graduated
  4. Thesis information (Title and Abstract)
  5. Suggestions, comments and inquiries

Aabangan po namin kayo. Pero habang wala pa tayong sariling domain at hindi pa rin kami nakakahanap ng marunong sa webprogramming idirect lang po email niyo sa citsphereorg@yahoo.com.ph at kami na po bahala mag-update ng site. Kung gusto niyong kumustahin ang temporary website ng CIT Sphere Organization, magpunta lang po sa citsphere.webng.com